Monday, February 28, 2011

Johnny Only CD Fundraiser

I have been thinking alot about what my first post on my new blog would be. I decided that since this blog is about funding a cure for the effects of Prader-Willi Syndrome than what better way to start then with a fundraiser. I plan to write about my adventures in fundrasing and PWS related research.

Johnny Only, a local kid's musician, has offered to donate 75% of his on-line sales from March 1st - 14th to the Foundation for Prader-Willi Research in honor of Ellie's 4th birthday! Yay!

Ellie loves Johnny Only. Since I brought her to her first Johnny Only concert this past summer, Shawn and I have been listening to his music during every car trip (sometimes when Ellie isn't even in the car:)). The best way to describe his music is a kid's songs mash up. It's like Glee for pre-schoolers :)

 I called Johnny about a month ago to book him to play at the Go the Extra Mile event this year. After describing the event to him he immediately agreed to perform. A couple of weeks later we brought Ellie and Shayna to one of his concerts and we introduced ourselves to him. He had been thinking about our cause and wanted to help and asked if we wanted to team up to sell his CD's to raise money for FPWR, just like that we had another way to help FPWR.

This is a fun way to celebrate Ellie's birthday and a great way to help fund research. Plus, you get to watch your kids dance to some really fun music!

Please check out his website